Crystal Pixie Exotic East


Crystal Pixie Exotic East

Crystal Pixie Exotic East

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Bring maximal brilliance to your nails with the new Swarovski Crystal Pixie! 

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Crystal Pixie Exotic East

Bring maximal brilliance to your nails with the new Swarovski Crystal Pixie!

Crystal Pixie is a scattering of tiny faceted and unfaceted crystals, creating an unmatched shine – sparkling stardust effect. Pixie is applied over paints and gel nail manicure and gives special luster and beauty. Any product from Crystal Pixie line, regardless of style, creates a unique effect of three-dimensional radiance, and in a combination with colored gels and varnishes – allows you to create a unique and unmistakable design. The crystals, reflecting and refracting the nail color, will not only set the right tone, but will also capture a unique mood.

Each set Crystal Pixie for nail design includes:
– sparkling Crystal Pixie in a special bottle
– Swarovski crystals (3 types of crystals )
– funnel for easy use of Crystal Pixie bottle
– instructions with illustrations and inspiring nail samples

Pixie is supplied in a vial, which allows convenient use of “stardust” when applied to the nails.  The bottle design is a large faceted crystal. The set  includes an attached funnel, allowing  to conveniently pour remaining crystals Crystal Pixie back into the bottle. The crystals from the set can be used to create a design with Crystal Pixie (they are chosen based on their color), or as individual crystals for manicure.


  • Manufactured by: Swarovski



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