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    Builder Gel Intro Kit

    Mosaic Professionails Builder Gel Intro kit includes everything you need to get started with Mosaic!
    • Freshner 15ml
    • Ultrabond Primer 15ml
    • Architect X Base Gel 15ml
    • Crystal Builder Gel 5ml
    • Ice Builder Gel 5ml
    • Zephyr Pink Builder Gel 5ml
    • Jelly Nude Builder Gel 5ml
    • Perfect Top Gel 15ml
    • 10 Forms
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    Cat Eye Magnet

    Cat Eye Magnet

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    Mosaic Crystal Water Top Gel TACK-FREE FORMULA

    Extreme gloss!  Flexible top coat with perfectly smooth VERY shiny surface. Shines like water surface on a sunny day.  Can be used over gel polish, builder gel, gel paints, pigments or glitter.  Apply in a thin layer and cure 1min standard 36w UV, 20sec in 48w LED UV.  Crystal Water Top Gel is less resistant to aggressive colorants, and not recommended to use over lighter colors.
  • 5.00 out of 5

    Mosaic Flexy Top Gel

    Flexy Top Gel can be used as a top gloss for natural nail manicures (or pedicures) or it can be used as a top gloss for sculpted nails. Cure time 2 minutes under uv light (30-45sec LED/UV).
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    Mosaic Satin Top Coat

    One thin layer and you will have absolutely amazing Satin Effect on your color. The satin effect lasts as long as your customer keeps the nails. This New Formulation is the First in the Nail Market. Satin Top may be used over Gel, Acrylic or UV Gel Polish.
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    Rubber Top Coat – WIPE

    The top creates a rubberized plastic layer that protects the nail from external destructive effects: aggressive liquids, shocks, scratches, and gives it increased strength. Especially it is claimed on the thinned nails, prone to fragility.The quality composition and unique properties of the product allow you to firmly hold on your nail any decor.Easy to use, does not require special skill, so it is suitable for beginners.It works well with other brands, does not roll off color.Application: after polymerization of the last colored layer, carefully apply the finish layer of Egoista Rubber Top Coat and dry it in the UV lamp for 1 minutes, in LED - 30 sec . If you fix on the top of the rhinestone or other design, we recommend to fix it with 2 layers. After the final drying, remove the dispersion layer with a cleanser.
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    Tack-Free Rubber Top Coat

    It’s a strong top coat, ideal for encapsulating glitter, building a last layer of nail extensions  or to simply finish off gel manicures (apply a thicker layer and allow it to self level before curing).
    • No sticky residue
    • No need for expensive cleansers
    • LED and UV curable.