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    Mosaic Glare French White Gel

    Snow-white low viscosity gel.  Cure 3min in standard 36w UV lamp, or 60sec 48w LED UV.CLEARANCE - LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT
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    Egoista Tubegel Classic White 60ml

    TUBEGEL by Egoista Profesional is a combination between acrylic and hard gel. The all-in-one formula featuring TriPolymer technology was designed for consistency which allows you to work at your own speed to create flawless nail enhancements. The TriPolymer technology in the product includes oligomers from gels, polymers from acrylics, and polymers from lacquer, that gives the product putty-like viscosity to ensure a smooth and durable finish. The product can be applied as an overlay over natural nails, a tip overlay, or sculpted over a form.
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    Builder Gel Intro Kit

    Mosaic Professionails Builder Gel Intro kit includes everything you need to get started with Mosaic!
    • Freshner 15ml
    • Ultrabond Primer 15ml
    • Architect X Base Gel 15ml
    • Crystal Builder Gel 5ml
    • Ice Builder Gel 5ml
    • Zephyr Pink Builder Gel 5ml
    • Jelly Nude Builder Gel 5ml
    • Perfect Top Gel 15ml
    • 10 Forms
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    Mosaic Cloud White Builder Gel

    Cloud White Builder Gel is the best choice for those who prefer to sculpt a french edge -- for both salon and competition extensions! Perfectly white and easy in application. Your reliable companion for the perfect smile line!Beautiful NEW Cloud White Builder Gel is now available !