Manicure Gels (Soak Off)

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    Builder Gel Intro Kit

    Mosaic Professionails Builder Gel Intro kit includes everything you need to get started with Mosaic!
    • Freshner 15ml
    • Ultrabond Primer 15ml
    • Architect X Base Gel 15ml
    • Crystal Builder Gel 5ml
    • Ice Builder Gel 5ml
    • Zephyr Pink Builder Gel 5ml
    • Jelly Nude Builder Gel 5ml
    • Perfect Top Gel 15ml
    • 10 Forms
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    Sculpt X BB

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    Sculpt X Clear

    Thick soak-off manicure builder gel in a bottle. Flexible and self-leveling. Allows free edge extensions up to 5mm. Does not require a base coat. If carefully applied it does not need shaping with a file.
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    Sculpt X Pink